Dom De Maravilha (Ignite Me)

Dom De Maravilha #1 - Angelika UllrichDom De Maravilha #2 - Angelika Ullrich

Well I

keep myself alive

keep myself afloat

with things on my mind

That i come up in my dreams

it’s easier it seems

to leave the past behind

I want it new, I want it bold

and everything I have been told

I couldn’t get for myself

I want it rare, I want it good

and everything I ever told myself

I don’t deserve

Cause you are all I ever wanted

you are far and yet so close and

you are all that I desire

you are what lights my fire

you light my fire

Obrigado por este presente des maravilha

Me aseguró que se comparte con el mundo

Don’t want it then I want it now

come up with something somehow now

that I had felt was the ideal

Or better yet with due respect

the best of best I somehow get

and I don’t care how it shows up